Laser Fungal Nail Treatments

Fight the fungal infection

Fungal nail infections are notoriously difficult to eradicate.

Fungal nail infections are common, especially on the toenails. Whilst not a serious infection, it can be unsightly and difficult to treat.

Fungal nail

How it works

Laser treatments have been shown to effectively kill the fungal infection, leading to clear nails without the need to take medication.

The Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser penetrates through the nail plate and produces heat deep within the nail tissue, destroying the fungus but leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This allows the clear, fungus free nail to grow through.

Patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

1. Treatment information

Fungal nail treatments take up to 20 minutes and are performed every 2 weeks.

2. Downtime

Fungal nail treatments are very tolerable, with a gentle heating sensation.

There is little to no downtime associated with fungal nail treatments.

3. Suitability

Treatment is not suitable for clients

  • with an active sun tan
  • with artificial tanning agents on the skin
  • who use aromatherapy products
  • taking photosensitizing drugs
  • who are pregnant
  • with skin diseases or disorders
  • who suffer from keloid scarring
  • who have epilepsy
  • with active herpes
  • with tattoos in the area
  • who have cancer

4. Cost of the treatment

£10 per nail

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