Acne can be treated with a number of approaches, find out more here.

Cellulite and Localised Fat

These common problems can be reduced with mesotherapy.


Revitalise the delicate skin around the eyes and diminish the signs of ageing.

laser hair removal

Excess Hair Growth

Laser hair removal effortlessly removes unwanted hair.

Fatigued Skin

Restore your youthful glow with these professional treatments.

fungal nail

Fungal Nail

Using laser to kill fungal nail infections with no downtime.

Hair Loss

New and exciting technology, to improve hair growth.

male hair removal

Loose Skin

Re-elasticate sagging skin and tighten loose skin.



Remove excess pigmentation and even out your skin tone.


Reduce the redness from rosacea with these treatments.


Dramatically reduce scarring; these treatments are available to remodel and soften scars.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Remove your seborrhoeic keratoses. A Doctors note is needed prior to removal.

Skin Tags

Skin tags can be irritating and sore, Plasma Pro can remove them quickly and efficiently, leaving nothing behind.

Stretch Marks

Reduce and remodel stretch marks with these treatments.

thread veins

Thread Veins

Remove annoying thread veins, spider neavi, and leg veins.


Turn back time with these wrinkle reduction treatments.


Chinese medicine from a western perspective.

Mental Health

Talking therapy and counselling for mental health support.

Injury Rehabilitation

Return to your pre-injury state with rehab.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage to relieve pain and restore function.


Talking therapy and counselling for mental health support.