Counselling and Talking Therapy

Mental Health Wellbeing

Looking after your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical health.

Counselling can provide help when you are unhappy with your current life situation, or if you need support while making specific changes.


We offer one to one sessions with professional, fully qualified and trainee person centred counsellors.

Person Centred Counselling aims to provide an opportunity for you to fully explore any disabling issues, in an atmosphere that is free from psychological threat. The ultimate goal is to help you to make changes in your life which will allow you to fulfil your potential.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy is a type of talking therapy where an animal is also a part of the counselling process. The introduction of an animal into the session can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and provide a distraction or a tool to help the exploration of uncomfortable topics.

Unfortunately, Loki the Therapy Dog has now retired. however, she is still considered a member of the Oasis Wellbeing Clinic team and can be seen around the clinic.

Loki the (Retired) Therapy Dog

BACP Accreditation

Our counsellors and therapists are members of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). This ensures high standards of professionalism are maintained.

1. Session information

Sessions are usually conducted once a week.

2. How much does it cost?

Counselling price varies depending on which counsellor is a best fit for your availability and concern.

Get answers and advice

We aim to respond to all questions within 1 working day.

Common Issues


As humans we relate to others and build relationships in day to day life. If you are suffering the loss of a relationship and need to find some resolution, or you are struggling to build meaningful relationships, therapy can help you explore these issues.


Most people find anxiety a fleeting and situational experience. For others it can occur more intensely or more often. If it is affecting the way you live your life, or your wellbeing, counselling can offer a relaxed and private space for you to examine the reasons for your anxiety and explore ways to combat it.

School/Youth Issues

Bullying, peer pressure, exam nerves, and wanting to fit in are just a few of the issues that school students can face. Going through adolescence can be a challenging and isolating time. Having a trustworthy and non-judgemental adult to talk to can give youngsters a chance to vent and build self confidence.

Work or Stress Management

We spend the majority of our adult lives in work. Whether you feel you have made the wrong career move or are experiencing less than friendly colleagues this issue deserves to be dealt with.

Problematic Anger

Feeling the burn of anger can be an uncomfortable feeling. If anger is making you behave unpleasantly or getting you into trouble, counselling can help you to find strategies to defuse confrontational situations and deal with the root of the problem.

Self Harm and Eating Disorders

Self harm and eating disorders can affect any gender at any age. These destructive behaviours are the manifestation of an internal problem; therapy can help find some solutions to fix these symptoms of psychological distress.


Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, risk taking... if an addiction is becoming a problem in your life it needs addressing; counselling is a good place to begin looking at making changes.


Unfortunately counselling will not rid you of your depression, but it is somewhere you can come and talk, without judgement, about the way it is affecting you, and hopefully find ways to manage and overcome some of the difficulties you face.


Losing a loved one is always a traumatic event. If you feel that you are unable to cope, or if your loss if interfering with your life, therapy can provide some support and help you find some resolution.


Unfortunately, no one is able to turn back time and undo the abuse you have endured. Coming into counselling and understanding your experience and how if affects your life can help you build bridges and begin to put your past behind you.

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