Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatments

Treatment Information

Electrolysis hair removal is a permanent method of removing unwanted hair, using tried and tested diathermy technology.

Electrolysis uses heat and lye production to destroy hair follicles and cut off the blood supply, permanently killing hair follicles, leaving the surrounding skin intact, and leaving you hair free!

At Oasis Wellbeing Clinic we use the Silhouette Epil200 Galvanic blend and Diathermy epilator.

Electrolysis is used for blonde, white, red and gray hair that is not responding to LASER treatments.

LASER treatments are recommended for dark hairs, find more information here.


Quick Look @ Electrolysis Hair Removal

What: Electrolysis hair removal permanently removes unwanted hair.

Duration: Session length will vary, depending on the area of the body being treated. Sessions are timed at 15mins, 30 mins and 1 hour.

Immediately after treatment: The treated hairs will be removed, leaving you with immediately smoother skin!

Recovery: There will be temporary swelling and a red hue in the treatment area.

FAQ's Electrolysis Hair Removal

How Does The Treatment Work?

Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that uses a small needle to deliver an electrical current to the hair follicle. The electrical current destroys the cells that produce hair, and over time, this leads to permanent hair removal. electrolysis can be used on any area of the body, and is considered to be a very effective method of hair removal.

Hairs need to be in the growing stage to be effectively destroyed, meaning your treatment sessions are organised to match your hair cycle. For most clients treatments are performed every 2-4 weeks.

Hair Colour and Skin Type

Electrolysis is applied to the hair follicle directly, meaning hair and skin colour has no influence on treatment.

If LASER treatments have been unsuccessful at reducing your hair, it is time to try electrolysis!

Areas For Treatment

This treatment is perfect for almost all areas of the face and body.

Unfortunately, we are unable to treat eyelashes, inside the nose or ear cartilage.

Do I Need A Test Patch

A test patch is advisable before commencing treatment.

Please arrange free of charge with the clinic on 01253 283983, or use the book online button.

Who Can Have This Treatment?

Electrolysis has the advantage of working on white, blonde, gray and red hair. This treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Unfortunately, this treatment is NOT suitable for clients who have:

  • Hemophilia or blood disorders
  • Heart conditions
  • Pace makers
  • Nickel allergies
  • Contagious skin disorders or diseases
  • Keloid scarring
  • Cochlear implants

Number of Sessions

How many sessions do I need?

This is the most commonly asked question, and unfortunately, it is the hardest question to answer.

The number of treatment sessions depends on how many hair cycles you have, which is a mystery.

We will assess your hair growth in your consultation to give you a rough idea of the number of sessions to expect.

Hormonally driven hair requires more sessions.

When it comes to hair removal, timing is everything. Due to the fact that every hair on your body has its own growth cycle, not every hair will be in the treatable phase during treatments, which is why it’s important to be patient and consistent with your treatments.

The size of the treatment completed per session will influence the overall number of sessions, as large areas are unable to be completely treated in a single session.

When Will I See Results?

The treated hairs are removed in session, meaning you will see a reduction immediately.

Is There Any Pain?

There is a small amount of discomfort during treatment.

Do I Need To Prepare For Treatment?

The hair needs to be 2 mm in length for treatment to be performed.

To avoid unwanted side effects it is important that you do not have any of the following prior to treatment:

  • an active tan, or a fake tan on the treatment area
  • recent waxing, plucking, threading, or epilation (any hair removal method that removes the hairs from the follicles)
  • recent use of strong AHA’s, BHA’s, acids, or retinol

We do advise you, however, to:

  • use SPF on the treatment area
  • avoid touching the area following treatment
  • avoid excessive exercise and swimming until the area has healed

Are There Any Side Effects?

There may be some redness and swelling following treatment which may take a couple of days to resolve.


Electrolysis is charged as a block of time. We will remove as many hairs as possible in this time frame.

Electrolysis – 15 mins
Electrolysis – 30 mins
Electrolysis – 1 hour

More information

See what WEB MD has to say about electrolysis here.


Rest assured, all clients are treated with respect and privacy at Oasis Wellbeing Clinic.

For clients who are taking hormones, or transitioning from male to female, hair removal generally has a profoundly positive effect on confidence, however you may need more sessions than average.

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