Seborrhoeic Keratoses

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Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Seborrhoeic Keratoses are non-cancerous skin growths, ranging from light brown to black in colour and have an elevated and patchy appearance. They are not dangerous, but can cause embarrassment due to their unsightly appearance.

A Seborrhoeic Keratosis can be removed quickly and efficiently with the use of Plasma, however, a Doctor’s note must be provided before treatment can commence.

Results immediately after one session using Plasma Pro.

Patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

1. Treatment information

Seborrhoeic keratosis removal generally takes one 30 minute session.

This treatment is carried out with the Plasma Pro device, you can find out more about this device here.

2. Downtime

There will be some redness and possibly swelling in the area of treatment. There will also be micro crusts where the seborrhoeic keratosis was attached to the skin; this will usually flake off within a week.

3. Suitability

You must use SPF in the sun for 6 weeks before and after each treatment.

Treatment is not suitable for clients who

  • are pregnant or breast feeding
  • have a pacemaker
  • suffer from keloid scarring
  • have had any previous instances of hyper or hypo pigmentation
  • suffer with skin diseases or disorders
  • suffer with active herpes
  • have tattoos in the area
  • have cancer

4. Cost of the treatment

£75 for a single lesion.

£10 for each additional lesion if removed in the same session.

A Dr's note confirming suitability for treatment must be obtained before treatment can commence.

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