Rosacea is a skin condition that affects 1 in 10 people

The exact cause of rosacea is unknown, but there are numerous treatments available to reduce the symptoms.

These symptoms can present as any of the following:

  • Facial redness
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Papules and pustules
  • Thickened skin
  • Sensitive skin – burning, itching, stinging and pain
  • Dry, rough skin
  • Raised red patches

These symptoms can be transitory at first but may become permanent.

Rosacea types and triggers

There are 4 types of Rosacea that can be diagnosed by your GP or a Dermatologist:

Vascular Rosacea: characterised by redness of the skin and visible blood vessels.

Inflammatory Rosacea: characterised by redness swelling, and papules and pustules.

Phymatous Rosacea: characterised by thickened, bumpy skin and an increase in the size of the nose.

Ocular Rosacea: characterised by irritation and redness of the eyes, and swelling of the eyelids.


Some rosacea conditions are triggered by certain behaviours, such as cold and hot weather, air conditioning, spicy food, alcohol and exercise.

To get the best result it is useful to identify the type of rosacea you suffer from and to avoid triggers that worsen your rosacea.

Common rosacea presentation.

What treatments are available?

IPL Rosacea Treatment

IPL treatments are an excellent way to tackle any vascular condition. The haemoglobin (blood) in the blemish absorbs the Laser, heating the lesion until it is destroyed.

Generally, there is a good reduction in redness after 2 sessions, but if the rosacea condition continues to flare up, multiple treatments may be necessary.

Treatments take between 15-45 minutes, redness post-treatment may last for 72 hours, and some lesions may temporarily darken before disappearing.

Single Lesion £40.

Full Face £100.

You can find more information here.

Chemical Peels For Rosacea

To reduce erythema and ease the pain and inflammation brought on by rosacea we also offer a rosacea peel. Its’ antibiotic and anti-inflammatory action soothes irritation, while its’ hydrating properties leaves much-needed moisture behind, strengthening the skins barrier function. The peels’ larger molecular structure means it is absorbed slowly into the skin causing less irritation.

Our Vitamin C serum should be used post-procedure for the best results.

This treatment can be performed every 4-6 weeks and you may experience a little downtime with this peel, with up to 5 days of dry skin.

Full Face £50

You can find our more information regarding chemical peels here.

Microneedling for Rosacea

We are also able to offer mesotherapy products in conjunction with microneedling treatments, designed specifically for helping with rosacea symptom reduction.

The mesoceutical complex used for rosacea skin types contains Growth Factors which

  • stimulate powerful skin rejuvenation
  • stimulate the growth of tissues
  • accelerate healing processes 
  • stimulate blood vessel renewal

Full face treatment costs £125 and can be perfomed every month.

Downtime: redness and some flaking for a few days.

You can find out more information about microneedling here.

You can find out more information about mesotherapy here.


Our sensitive skin collection by Mesoestetic calms and soothes tender and inflamed skin.

With 4 essential products to comfort, regenerate and treat rosacea & increase the skins barrier function.


More information can be found here.

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