Plasma Pro

Plasma Fibroblast

What can Plasma Pro treatments do for you?

The Plasma Pro device works by releasing a small electrical charge, which causes a heated coagulation on the surface of the skin. Think of it as a tiny lightning bolt. When this electrical arc is delivered to the skin it causes superficial trauma to the epidermis, in the form of a small microdot of cauterized skin, which causes an immediate tightening effect.

The superficial trauma also stimulates the fibroblast cells, which manufacture and maintain our collagen production. The increase in fibroblasts triggers collagen to replenish and renew, which tightens loose skin, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates crepe skin, giving a more youthful appearance.

“One of the top non surgical cosmetic procedures performed” – Time Magazine

Plasma Pro treatment triggers a forced “superficial trauma” to the skin to stimulate the bodies natural rejuvenation cycle, to repair, tighten, and renew the skin's surface.

Eye Treatments

The Plasma Pro treatment is particularly effective for upper and lower eye treatments (blepharoplasty), as it is the only treatment that can be used directly on this delicate skin.


Facial wrinkles are improved quickly and effectively through the immediate tightening effect and Plasma Pro’s ability to trigger the body’s natural rejuvenation cycle.


Improving the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.

Plasma Pro Device

A paradigm shift in non-invasive treatments has seen the demand for plasma skin tightening to grow significantly. However not all plasma devices are made equal.

Cosmo Plasma Pro offers aesthetic innovation and superior German technology with unique features following extensive research, Plasma Pro will allow you to treat multiple skin concerns safely and effectively.

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Patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

1. Treatment information

How many treatments will I need?

To reduce wrinkles and tighten skin is dependent on the severity of the skin condition; you may require up to 3 treatments spaced at 8-12 weeks apart. We also recommend a top up treatment every 12-18 months to keep on top of further ageing. The results of the Plasma Pro treatment are permanent, but the ageing process will continue after your treatment.

Stretch marks and scarring may take up to 4 sessions.

Skin tags, age spots and seborrhoeic keratoses take a single session.

Treatment time depends on the size of the area being treated. For example, stretch marks on the stomach may take 90 minutes, whereas a lip treatment may take 30 minutes.

Results are visible immediately after the treatment, however the finished results will be visible after six weeks, when the fibroblast and collagen response has completed.

2. Downtime

Following your Plasma Pro treatment you will notice a series of microdots in the treated area, and some clients may experience some swelling (usually following treatments around the eyes). It is important to follow the aftercare advice given, and the microdots must not be physically removed. Within a week following treatment the microdots should flake off naturally.

Immediately following treatment, clients may feel some discomfort and heat in the treated area, usually likened to sunburn. A pink hue may last several weeks during the ‘healing’ phase.

Possible side effects include: Inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and scarring.

However, the chance of negative side effects can be reduced if the correct after care is followed.

3. Suitability

You must use SPF in the sun for 6 weeks before and after each treatment.

Treatment is not suitable for clients who

  • are pregnant or breast feeding
  • have a pacemaker
  • suffer from keloid scarring
  • have had any previous instances of hyper or hypopigmentation
  • suffer with skin diseases or disorders
  • suffer with active herpes
  • have tattoos in the area
  • have cancer
  • have ongoing health conditions- these must be signed off by your Doctor before commencing treatment

If you are considering Plasma Pro treatments, you should be in good health at the time of the appointment.

4. Cost of the treatment

Upper Eyelid tightening £250

Lower Eyelid tightening £250

Upper and Lower Eyelid tightening £350

Wrinkle Reduction from £250


Skin tightening  from £300

Skin tag removal  from £75

Seborrheic Keratosis from  £75

Xanthelasma from £150

Skin Tightening

Tightening of loose skin on the face and body.

Skin Tags and Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Removing skin tags, age spots and sebhorric keratosis.


Renewing the skin’s surface; improving texture and reducing open pores.

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