Male Laser Hair Removal

Permanently kill excess hair follicles

No. More. Hair

The popularity of ‘manscaping’, or male grooming, is on the rise.

With Laser Hair removal being the only permanent method of hair reduction, more and more men are opting for the easy route.

This means no more bumpy and irritated shaving rash, or painful waxing sessions ever!

picture of thunder laser used at oasis wellbeing clinic for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal results after 3 sessions.

How it works

The powerful but gentle Thunder MT provides consistently effective results for any treatment area, gender and skin colour.

The Thunder targets the melanin in the hair and the blood supply, ensuring hairs are killed at the root. The treatments delivered by the Thunder are the best you will experience; it is a state of the art LASER medical device.

Results on white and grey hair

Traditionally, lighter hair colours were difficult to treat, but not any more!

The Thunder is delivering unprecedented results for white, blonde, red and grey hair.

Through the perfect synergy of the two wavelengths (755nm & 1064nm) the Thunder targets the the blood supply to the hair, therefore the process does not rely solely on hair colour, providing reliable and effective hair removal regardless of hair colour.

Patient results and treatment experiences may vary.

1. Treatment information

Treatments can take as little as 10 minutes for small areas, or up to an hour for full body treatments.

Hair removal relies on your hair cycle as hairs can only be destroyed once they have grown back through. Generally treatments are performed every 3-6 weeks.

2. Downtime

The treatment is generally tolerated very well, with most people reporting a heating sensation.

There is little downtime for hair removal, although some redness may be present for an hour or so following treatments.

3. Suitability

Treatment is not suitable for clients

  • with a current sun tan/fake tan
  • taking photosensitizing drugs
  • who are pregnant
  • with skin diseases or disorders
  • who suffer from keloid scarring
  • who have epilepsy
  • with active herpes
  • with tattoos in the area
  • who have cancer

4. Cost of the treatment


Upper lip £40

Full beard £100

Neck £50

Underarms £60

Buttocks £120

Lower legs  £140

Upper back £120

Please see here for the full price list.

Troubling conditions

Laser hair removal can be performed pretty much anywhere;

Back, chest, nipples, pubic area, buttocks and even mid brow!

Additionally, treatment may be sought by clients who suffer from medical conditions relating to hair, such as:

Rest assured, all clients are treated with respect and privacy at Oasis Wellbeing Clinic.

For clients who are taking hormones, or transitioning from male to female, laser hair removal generally has a profoundly positive effect on confidence.

Rest assured, all clients are treated with respect and privacy at Oasis.

The NHS has produced this information regarding the benefits of laser hair removal.

Get answers and advice

We aim to respond to all questions within 1 working day. Please get in touch if you have been turned away from laser hair removal in the past due to your skin or hair colour.

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